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A- Issuing of The Poetic Diary
The Foundation issued a first of its kind "Poetic Diary". It contained poetic quotations and sayings on various occasions. Such diaries were distributed to the Foundation's friends and guests of Al-Qurain Seventh Cultural Festival and the guest participating in 2001, celebrations. The diaries were also sent to the Foundation offices and delegates in order to distribute them on poets, critics, culture and media people in the Arab countries.

B- Two Poetry Recitation Evenings
The first evening was named after poet (Fahed Al Askar) on 10/2/2001. It included recitals from (15) late Kuwaiti poets.
The second evening which carried the name of poet (Mahmoud Shawqi Al Ayyoubi) was held on 7/4/2001. A number of poets from Kuwait and Arab countries particiopated in the evening

C- The ceremony of Laying the Foundation stone of Al-Babtain's Arabic Poetry Central Library in Kuwait..
This ceremony was held on 6/1/2002 under the auspices of His Highness The Amir Sheikh Sabah Al Ahmed Al Jaber Al Sabah;( then deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs), who delegated the Minister of Information, Chairman of The National Conical for Culture, Arats and Letters His Excellency Shiekh Ahmed Al Fahed Al Ahmed Al Sabah with a large crowd of guests, writers, and untellectuals from inside and outside Kuwait.

D-"The Centennial of Birth and Death" ceremony.
At 10:00 am, Monday morning on 7/1/2002, the "The Centennial of Birth and Death" was organized under the auspices of His Excellency The Minister of Information; Chairman of The National Council for Culture, Arts and Letters, at the Special Instituts' Auditorium.

E-The Poetry Contest on the occasion of organizing the celebrations of 2001.
The Foundation of Abdulaziz Saud Al-Babtain's Prize for Poetic Creativity thought of limiting this competition to one subject of great importance that is "Poetry's Role in the Nation's Past, Present and Future and the Poet's Role, Sufferings and Aspirations," for various reasons most important of which is unifying the competition subject, so as to facilitate judging all through one subject, and monitoring the point of view of creative writers.
Surprisingly, a torrent of poems came in to this track compared to the limitation of the purpose. Until 30/6/2001 (487) poems were amassed and referred to a technical committee comprising of researchers at the Foundation. The aim was to check their compatabilities with the contest terms and conditions. The committee excluded (201) participations, due to technical and procedural reasons, a remaining (286) poems were presented before an arbitration committee comprising three specialists so that each would choose the three winning poems in addition to nominating the best (20) poems as seen by each arbitrator. However, (60) pomes were chosen by the arbitrators of which (47) poems remained after removal of repetition and overlapping between the arbitrators options. The Foundation chose (22) poems contained in "The Diwan of Poetry and Poets", which consists of 115 pages as a heritage documenting this contest and to be available to the researchers and recipients.

The Winners:
1- The poetess Nabila Al Khateeb from Jordan won the first award valued at U.S. $ (10.000) Ten thousand for her Poem "Sahwat Addahd".
2- The poet Medhat Allam from Egypt won the second award valued at U.S.$ (5000) five thousand for his poem " A Papery Searching for Its Poem".
3- The poet Hassan Shehab Al Din from Egypt, won the third award valued at U.S. $ (3000) Three thousand for his poem "The Last Knight".

F- The Foundation issued the complete collection of the poet Amin Nakhla, and the collection of the poet Abdulla Al Farej with new additions of Nabatean and Classical poetry in addition to other books referred to in the booklet, "The Publications of the Foundation of Abdulaziz Saud Al-Babtain's Prize for Poetic Creativity."

Associating Symposium to" The Centenial Death and Birth"
Part One: The Poet Abdulla Al Faraj

The First Session
Chairman: Mr. Abdulaziz Saud Al-Babtain
The First Research: Abdulla Al Faraj in Bahrian
The Researcher: Mr. Abdulla Bin Khalaf Addousari
The Main Commentator: Dr. Ya'coub Al Ghuneim
The Second Research: Abdulla Al Faraj Tunes: The Origin and the Echo (Application)
The Researcher: Mr. Ghannam Al Dikan with participation of a group of performers.

The Second Session
Chairman: Dr. Khalifa Al Wugayyan
The Third Research: The Art of Sound and the Role of Abdulla Al Faraj in Its Emergence.
The Researcher: Mr. Mubarak Al Ammari
The Main Commentator: Dr. Nizar Ghanem
The Fourth Research: Abdallah Al Faraj Biography and His Additions.
Researcher: Dr. Bander Obeid
The Main Commentator: Mr. Ibrahim Al Sola
Part Two: The Poet Amin Nakhlah.

The Third Session
Chairman: Mr. Joseph Harb
The Fifth Research: Amin Nakhla- biography and Donations.
The Researcher: Dr. Haya Al-Dirham
The Sixth Research: Poeticalness in Amin Nakhlah's Prose
Researcher: Dr. So'ad Abdul Wahhab.

The Fourth Session
The Session President: Dr. Mohammed Al Rumaihi
The Seventh Research: The Colour and Light in Amin Nakhlah Literature
The Researcher: Dr. Michel Joha
The Eighth Research: The Form and Content Structure in Amin Nakhlah's Poetry.
Researcher: Dr. Aminah Fares Ghosson

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