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Abdul Aziz Saud Al-Babtain: A short biography - Landmarks and achievements

- Born in Kuwait in 1936.
- A prominent Kuwaiti poet and businessman who is well known in Kuwait, the Gulf area and the Arab world.
- He published his first book of verse Bauhel-Bawadi (Intimations of the Deserts), 1995.
- His Second collection Mosafer Fil-Qefar (Wastefarer), appeared in 2004.
- Member of the Writers Association of Kuwait.
- Correspondent member of the Arabic Language Academy in Damascus
- Member of the Board of Trustees of the «Arab Thought Foundation» and one of its founders.
- Member of the Fez Syes Cultural Society in Morocco
- He delivered many lectures and participated in a great number of seminars

His Efforts in Various Fields
He established and fully financed:-
  1. The Foundation of Abdulaziz Saud Al-Babtain's Prize for Poetic Creativity.

    The Foundation is concerned with Arabic poetry and Arab poets for which this edition is exclusively dedicated.

  2. The Abdulaziz Saud Al-Babtain Prize for Imam AlBukhari Grandchildren:

    An annual prize of U.S. $100,000 to restore the genuine cultural bridges between the Arab Nation and the recently independent Asian Islamic states.

  3. Saud Al Babtain's Kuwaiti Commission for Post Graduate Studies:

    This commission grants scholarships for people of the Islamic Republics of Central Asia (100 scholarships annually) to study at Al Azhar University in Cairo, in addition to 50 scholarships for Africa, 100 annual scholarships for Iraqi students and 68 scholarships for Palestinian students. The Foundation covers the expenses of the accommodation, education, travel by plane, residence, food, clothing, books and other related expenses, as well as medical treatment of the students during their stay in Cairo. The Number of students reached until now 1500 students including those who have graduated.

  4. Al Babtain's Central Library for Arabic Poetry in Kuwait.

    The stone of the Foundation for this library was laid down on Jan, 6 2002 under the patronage of His Highness Sheikh Sabah Al Ahmed, Emir of Kuwait.

  5. Al Babtain Translation, Center

    It was established in 2004 with the objective of supporting the translation movement from foreign languages to Arabic language and vice versa, in addition to the translation project which is implemented in cooperation with UNESCO in Paris to translate works from Arabic to foreign languages. It is run by Dr Mohammed Rumaihi.

  6. Courses in Prosody, Poetry Appreciattion and Arabic Language Skills:

    These are free four-month courses organized with the objective of raising awareness and knowledge in the field of poetry, prosody and language. By the end of 2005 about 77 courses were held in different Arab Islamic capitals and cities in which 5088 participants graduated.

  7. Abdulaziz Saud Al-Babtain Center For intercivilizational dialogue

    This centre was established in 2005. Prof. Abdulla Al- Mohanna was selected to be its Director General. The centre is concerned with cooperation with Arabic and foreign universities to organize scientific training courses in the fields of philology as well as cultural and historical touristic guidance. The centre is responsible for organizing courses for foreign tour conductors in their own countries as well as reactivating cooperation with Arab and foreign universities, such as that between Al Babtain Foundation and Cordoba University in following up "Al Babatin Professorship for Arabic Language.”

    An agreement was reached with the Spanish University of Cordoba to allocate an award in the name of "Abdulaziz Saud Al- Babtain Andalisian Prize" as an intermational prize, initially specialized in the role played by the Andalusian villages which contributed to the creation of the Andalusian civilization but was not studied or researched in the manner other Andalusian cities like Cordoba, Seville and Granada were.

    * The Center started to arrange for similar academic cooperation with the University of Granada.
 Mr. Abdulaziz Saud Al-Babtain was granted many Honorary PhD. degrees in appreciation of his efforts in the field of culture, including:
1. An honorary PhD. degree from the University of Tashkent in Uzbekistan in 1995, in appreciation of his role in enriching the Islamic Culture.
2. An honorary PhD. degree from the University of Baku, Azerbaijan in appreciation of his role in serving the Arab and Islamic Culture and Literature.
3. An honorary PhD. degree from the Yarmouk University (Jordan) in 2001 in appreciation of his distinctive contributions in the fields of literature, culture and poetic creativity.
4. An honorary PhD. degree in the field of Human Sciences from the Kuwaiti Kyrgyz University in 2002
5. An honorary PhD. degree in Human Sciences from the University of Goy in Kyrgyzstan in 2002
6. An honorary PhD. degree from the University of Algiers on May, 11, 2005
Awards and Decorations:
Mr. Abddulaziz Saud Al-Babtain received the following medals in appreciation of his efforts in the field of Arabic Culture:

1. He was decorated by the President of Tunisia with the meritorious medal of First Order on 18/6/1996.

2. The Istiqlal Order of the first class from His Majesty King of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan, on 6/2/2001.

3. The State Prize of Appreciation by the National Council for culture, Arts and Letters ( NCCAL) of Kuwait in 2002.

4. The Cedar Badge of honor with the rank of officer from the President of the Republic of Lebanon in 2004.

5. The Excellency Golden Medal from the Arab League Education, Culture and Science Organization (ALECSO) during the final session of the 14th conference of the Arab Ministers of Culture, held in Sana’a (Yemen) on December 2, 2004.

6. The Kuwait First Degree Sashed Medal on 14/6/2005 granted to him by His Highness, the Emir of Kuwait.

7. The Sudan Appreciation Golden Award for Science, Literature and Arts, granted to him by H.E. the President of the Republic of Sudan, in Khartoum on December 31, 2005.

8. He was honoured in many events by cultural societies, tribunals, institutions and international book exhibitions in Kuwait and other Arab countries.

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Al-Babtain Manuscripts Authorization Center
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